Number 1 in tailor-made cuddly toys.

Specialist in customised soft toys with logo and printing on plush toys.

Step-by-step plan cuddly toy promotional gifts

Your own plush animals in three steps

Select a cuddly toy option

We offer 3 options, each with its own characteristics in personalisation option and delivery time. Decide whether you want to design your own cuddly toy (we will help you with the design, if you like) or that you want teddy bears to be delivered quickly, with your own T-shirts or hoodies with logo. And we will offer you the Zazu® collection of sleep cuddle toys.

Calculate your price immediately

One of the many advantages of Hugl® is that we immediately show the price. You know what you will be facing, in advance. So, no long quotation processes with all kinds of conditions. Before we start the production process, you will always receive a visual or sample (pilot model) of the cuddly toy from us. This is to make sure that the cuddly toys will be made just as you want it.

Choose your delivery address

We will take everything off your hands. From production up to compliance, transport and clearance. The only thing you need to do is provide us with a delivery address. It couldn’t be easier. Even payment can usually (partially) be made afterwards, after the delivery. Would you prefer a central storage address and fulfilment? That is also a possibility.


Give & Give Back

Hugl® is keen to take social responsibility. Of every assignment we obtain, a percentage will be donated to an accredited Charity. A charity chosen by you! If desired, this can be stated on the package of the cuddly toys, as well as on our social media. The donations are fully transparent and take place immediately after delivery of the cuddly toys. In the application form you can choose from below mentioned themes by default. Do you have a charity in mind yourself, one that matches with your organisation? Then we will be happy to comply, this is also one of the options in the application process.

Medical (paediatric clinics, research on childhood illnesses, ill children, etc.)

Education (special needs education, children with learning difficulties or a learning deficit, etc.)

War situations (children growing up in war or conflict areas, refugees, etc.)

Sport (installation of sports pitches, children from families with insufficient financial resources, etc.)


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